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Subject: A local Memory Cafe

Date: September 2012
Dear Mary Kay,


You had the most informative talk that I have ever heard from anyone, especially on early onset. You also had so many, many other thoughts about caring for both early and late onset. I can understand my husband's feelings on things that bothered him so much better now. We did care for his mother with early onset and she spent many years with us in our home. But just like you said, people in the same family can have some similar and some different issues.


We feel blessed, even though there must be some inheritable genes of both early and late onset in our relations. We are grateful that affected cousins did not have the struggle you and your sisters went through. It is people like you and your sisters who will advance the knowledge and have already done so through the years. You will help find better treatment. We feel awe struck with your persistence and patience through it all, pushing doctors to listen over and over again. My husband is has gradual decline but he has been accepting and continues to be fairly easy to care for, another blessing God has given us. I read your sister, Christine's book "Alzheimer's Averted". We wish for you God's richest blessings to each of you and hope to hear you again. Please give our regards to your sisters. You are all very talented and wish for you God's continual care.


Sincerely, Joan



Subject: I read your book Wow! Wow! Wow!

Date: November 2012
Hi Chris:


I sat down to look at the "Pathways of Hope" book. 1.5 hours later I finished reading it because I just could not put it down. It is a wonderful work and is so altogether positive about dealing with our disease. I saw so many similarities to my experience and symptoms. The positive outlook of it is fantastic. This is so needed for us dealing with this disease.


I am so happy to see you guys out there. I want to become part of what you do. I sometimes feel as though I am in a vast wasteland with so little being done when so much can be done and should be done.
I was so gratified to hear you and others feeling they have gotten better while dealing positively with the disease, eating right, exercise and social, creative, intellectually stimulating activity. That and medication has served me well to the point that I have experienced some return of cognitive acuity.


I am so pleased to be in contact. I am so pleased to have received your books and will faithfully carry them and pass them out there to anyone who might carry the message contained in them further.





Subject: Right Foot, Left Foot, Breathe event

Date: July. 2012
Dear Mary Kay and Chris,


I would like to thank you for putting together the recent conference at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. I thought it was great!


~ very helpful information, speakers were great, venue was amazing, music was wonderful, super resources tables, beautiful silent auction items, delicious food, the whole bit!
The length of an entire day along with the serious/heavy nature of the subject matter are important factors to consider. I wonder if it should be shortened - to follow your own advice to "breathe" more. This was a most ambitious project for everyone participating.


Thank you so much for your time, energy and commitment!


In hope,



Subject:Your Book on Beginning of Dementia

Date: November 2012
Hi Mary Kay,


I found "Pathways of Hope on your website as I was rummaging around on the internet.
I bought one for my friend, myself, the church library at McFarland, and three more copies, since it is the kind of thing one likes to have to hand out at will.


Thank you for your beautiful book. It is so much more helpful, and inspires so much more compassion, than a textbook type summation of what is happening and how we should deal with it. It very much humanizes the person with dementia, and helps maintain their dignity. It explains SO MUCH!! The fear is often from over-stimulation, so we know to just go slow and explain better. You help all of us in the helping professions.
In Christ's Grace,


Pastor Sara


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