Building Hope in Early Onset Alzheimer’s and Other Cognitive Changes



The mission of forMemory is to bring together those of us affected directly or indirectly by early onset Alzheimer’s and related conditions to increase our emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being through actively and aggressively seeking ways of healing and preventing cognitive and neurodegenerative disorders.



Our emphasis is on whole body, whole family, whole community and whole earth approaches. We strive to improve the quality of life for ourselves, our children, all communities, and future generations.


We seek to achieve better health systems, community connectedness, and a toxic-free planet. All people have something to contribute to the earth’s healing. We need to heal and act together. If we do not come together to sustain the earth and enable it to heal, none of us will be healthy.


Our deepest hope therefore is that as a world community, we decide 1) to listen to each other and to the earth; 2) to imagine maximum health and wellness for ourselves and for the planet; and 3) to act together to help create that health and wellness.




Replace Aloneness with Hope

We are not alone: “Call me. I will listen. I understand.”

Empower each other through our emotional support.


Replace Fear with Knowledge

We each are holding some of the pieces to the whole picture.

Because of early diagnosis, we are still able to communicate.

Share the ideas that are working to reduce symptoms: “I feel better when . . .”


Replace Disease with Life

Aggressively seek new information by looking outside the box.

Actively seek, learn, compare and research.

Partner with doctors and researchers.

Make genetic testing available for those who desire it.

Consider the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.


Replace Silence with a United Voice

Speak out in a united voice.

We who have an early-onset dementia have the strongest voices . . . for those who no longer can speak.

By sharing our experiences we improve our quality of life and that of our families.

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